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InSync MC

The "classic" veneering ceramic of the MiYO makers ...

InSync MC is versatile and can be used on precious metal and non-precious alloys in the 14 CTE range as well as in combination with MiYO in the smart hybrid technique. An easy to use and safe veneering ceramic with which one can work both efficiently and aesthetically sophisticated. It is reliable in use and delivers reproducible results - natural, aesthetic, brilliant. We think - pretty cool!

You are already an InSync MC user and would like to find out what's new ...

What kind of InSync MC user are you?

How do you use InSync MC? As a classic veneering ceramic? In combination with MiYO in smart hybrid technique? Or for both?

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you. Phone: +49 7123 92260

Layering with InSync MC

With InSync MC everything is possible, both efficient two-mass Basic layering and aesthetically sophisticated, individual Advanced layering.
The consistent shade concept and a comprehensive shade selection, corresponding to the VITA® Classic shade system, offer almost limitless design possibilities.

Configure your InSync MC Kit according to your needs. You can purchase additional individual masses at any time.

Hybrid technique with MiYO

Super smart and super simple, the hybrid technique. The combination of InSnyc MC veneering ceramic for creating the tooth form and MiYO color masses for chromatic and aesthetic design of the restoration connect efficiency and natural aesthetics.

Want to learn more about using the hybrid technique in practice?
Contact us - we will explain to you how easy it is to implement hybrid technique.

Material characteristics

Versatile, aesthetic and safe for patient, dentist and dental technician.

InSync MC Kits

You have the choice between the pre-configured InSync MC smart Kit or you put together your own InSync MC Kit according to your individual needs - everything is possible. 

InSync MC smart Kit

  • Configuration InSync MC smart Kit

Individual kit configuration

For your individual InSync MC Kit configuration, please contact us
+49 7123 92260 or your local dealer.

InSync MC system components

For the InSync MC Ceramic System, the base materials were developed completely from scratch. The fluorescence, translucency and opacity of the ceramic are based on the human tooth. These advantageous optical characteristics lend a high-quality, discerning aesthetic and naturally lifelike effect to all dental restorations.
The high colour stability and brilliance are retained even after repeated firing.
These advantageous optical properties give all InSync MC restorations a high aesthetics and a natural vivid effect.

InSync MC Pulver Opaquer

Powder Opaque

Available as low and high value washopaquer to stabilise the brightness value.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Pasten Opaquer

Paste Opaque

Available in 16 VITA® Classic shades, in two light special shades A0 and B0 as well as in the Bleach shades BL1/BL2 and BL3/BL4

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Margin


Highly fluorescent material, available in 16 VITA® Classic shades and two light special shades A0 and B0.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Opaque Dentin

Opaque Dentin

Opaque Dentines are available in all VITA® Classic shades, two light special shades A0 and B0 as well as in the Bleach shades BL1 - BL4.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Dentin


Available in all VITA® Classic shades as well as A0, B0 and in Bleach shades BL1 - BL4.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Enamel


Standard enamel  57 - 60, Neutral, Opal Low and Opal High.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Effect Enamel

Effect Enamel

Effect enamel masses: Molar White, Grey, Yellow, Orange, White and Blue.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Neck Transpa


Non-fluorescent intensive compounds. Available in Salmon, Orange, Yellow, Ivory and Teak.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Neck Transpa

Neck Transpa

High fluorescence and lots of chroma. Available in yellow, orange, orange-pink and amber-khaki.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Translucent


Available in Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Intense Blue, White, Pink and Clear.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Correction


Correction material is available for Dentin and Enamel.

InSync MC Gingiva


Gingiva materials are available in seven different colours.

  • Features | Usage
InSync MC Modifier


Modifiers in the basic colours A, B, C and D as well as Low and Dark Fluor.

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Documents for download

We provide you with various documents for the application of the InSync MC veneering ceramic system. In the workbooks you will find all information about the ceramic system, instructions for framework preparation as well as for layering, also with the new hybrid technique. The shade card gives you a general overview of the available materials. With the help of the shade combination table, you can select the right materials for the fabrication of a specific tooth shade. The firing tables show the firing parameters for the different firings.

Download InSnyc Zr Workbook
Download InSnyc Zr Workbook
Download InSync Zr Farbkarte
Download InSnyc Zr Farbkombinationstabelle
Download InSync Zr Brenntabellen


InSync Toolkit

Brushes & Brush sets

Perfect for InSync veneering ceramic.

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